Well, I misunderstood the requirements of entry and didn’t realize there would be a deadline. Or I misjudged the draw of a reading challenge. Oh well, in any case I missed the cut (as usual) and once again am a failure. I’ll still read and write reviews for fun, with just a tinge of sadness at my complete inadequacy. It really just fits in with the path of my life. Though if failure is as beautiful as successful people say it is, then I guess I could be a model.


Last year I tried this and failed, so hopefully this year I won’t suck as badly. I think I could have read 100 books in one year, but I slacked off big time with writing the reviews. And since I hadn’t been doing the reviews in the first place it was easier for me to just give up when I got laid off. I suppose it sounds like I should have had more time in that case but I found myself more distracted. When you’re trapped in an airport there are limited options for escapism. Plus reading Lord of Chaos was like failing at suicide so I had to take a few months off from reading afterward. And I had already made it through War and Peace.

I started a little later than most, once I decided there was little else I could do with my idle hours being a flight attendant. But even though I had plenty of time in crew rooms on reserve, or on long turns, or waiting on runways for takeoff, or deadheads home, I found less time for the reviews. Overall it was fun being known as the reading flight attendant by the pilots that couldn’t remember my name. It at least let them know that they could talk to me like a normal human and established that I was at least moderately intelligent. Better than the things others less fortunate were remembered by… the dumb flight attendant, the alcoholic flight attendant, the flight attendant that likes having people shit on her chest… O_o

Er anyway, another added bonus to not quite succeeding at the Cannonball Read was that I did read a shitload of books. To punish myself for not reviewing them the first time I might write reviews of them too, or reread my favorites. Is that allowed? hmm…I was thinking it might be a bad idea to start again since I don’t know how much time I can dedicate to reading in this purgatory of unemployedness but even if I sail off in the fail boat again I’ll at least have put another big dent in my ridiculously long reading list.

Books read from start of attempt #1 until the start of attempt #2:

01 Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.        J.K. Rowling
02 Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.    J.K. Rowling
03 Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.    J.K. Rowling
04 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.        J.K. Rowling
05 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.    J.K. Rowling
06 Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.    J.K. Rowling
07 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.        J.K. Rowling
08 She’s Not There.                Jennifer Finney Boylan
09 Saturday.                Ian McEwan
10 Fight Club.                Chuck Palahniuk
11 Lullaby.                Chuck Palahniuk
12 Rant.                    Chuck Palahniuk
13 Choke.                    Chuck Palahniuk
14 New Spring.                Robert Jordan
15 The Eye of the World.            Robert Jordan
16 The Hobbit.                J.R.R. Tolkien
17 The Handmaid’s Tale.            Margaret Atwood
18 My Sweet Audrina.            V.C. Andrews
19 Nineteen Eighty-Four.            George Orwell
20 Slaughterhouse-Five.            Kurt Vonnegut
21 The Great Hunt.                Robert Jordan
22 The Dragon Reborn.            Robert Jordan
23 Running With Scissors.            Augusten Burroughs
24 War and Peace.                Leo Tolstoy
25 The Master and Margarita.            Mikhail Bulgakov
26 The Notebook.                Nicholas Sparks
27 On Chesil Beach.                Ian McEwan
28 The Bonesetter’s Daughter.            Amy Tan
29 Atonement.                Ian McEwan
30 The Red Tent.                Anita Diamant
31 Sense and Sensibility.            Jane Austen
32 Amsterdam.                Ian McEwan
33 The Shadow Rising.            Robert Jordan
34 The Fires of Heaven.            Robert Jordan
35 The Blind Assasin.            Margaret Atwood
36 After Dark.                Haruki Murakami
37 Kafka on the Shore.            Haruki Murakami
38 Kitchen Confidential.            Anthony Bourdain
39 Lolita.                    Vladimir Nabokov
40 Lord of Chaos.                Robert Jordan
41 A Crown of Swords.            Robert Jordan
42 The Time Traveler’s Wife.            Audrey Niffenegger

The selection is pretty random. I was accepting recommendations from everyone from people I met on planes to friends and family and old books I found in the house. This time around I anticipate more of the same, this house is full of books.